Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bryan Boy a designer?

"Everyone" in fashion, interested in fashion blogging, bloggers know who Bryan Boy is, but I never ever thought he would become a designer... well not really a designer it's a collaboration with Adrienne Landau and it involves fur... yeah.. fur... 
He will be doing a range of unisex accessories which will include a rex rabbit bow tie in aqua for $38, a rex rabbit cowl in poppy yellow for $118, and a silver fox camera strap for $598 and the line will be available in fall 2013... Interested?

I really wanna see how he's going to defend himself on a collaboration that involves fur since there is a lot of debates on use of fur in fashion...

we'll just have to wait and see :) untill then... have a nice day :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Keep the smile,
Leave the tear,
Hold the laugh,
And forget the fear,
because it's NEW YEAR.

New Days, New Time, New Moments Ahead are waiting for YOU! 

May these 365 days Light up Your Life!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Chanel torbice na Fashion Days!

Od danes, 22. novembra je v ponudbi Fashion Days na voljo klasična kolekcija od zgodnjih 60. pa do 90. let Vintage Chanel torbic. Izbirate lahko med klasičnimi, elegantnimi, pisemskimi, športnimi in večernimi torbicami, zato hitro povlecite drage za rokav in jih napotite na Fashion Days! Saj veste novoletni prazniki se približujejo in Chanela se branila ne bo nobena ;)

Izbrana vintage kolekcija Chanelovih torbic bo v klubu Fashion Days na voljo od 22. do 25. novembra.

Monday, November 5, 2012 view :)

I realized I haven't posted anything about my new home... well.. here is the view from my room :)) If you're here somwhere... stop for a coffe ;)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Finding the right bra

Ok, I don't have that problem, but I know many women do, and that is finding the right bra.. all the stores have them but if you're a larger cup size you have some trouble finding the right one. Most likely you won't be able to buy it at stores like H&M, but you will be forced to buy it in a store specialized in underwear or online. And they usually cost a lot.
So I guess the most important thing to find is the right store with the right clerk that will help you with advice and how to choose the right one for you. Some time ago I had a very good experience about that in our local store and I was very surprised how little we actually know about buying a bra... and trust me it's not that easy as it looks :)

General advice about getting a bra fitting:

  1. The band size (or chest size) is the number part of your bra size. The cup size is the letter part.EX: if you are in a 36 B, then 36 is the band and B is the cup.
  2. You are not going to get as good of a measurement as someone else would by measuring yourself. Let someone else measure you.
  3. A measurement CAN be done over the bra you are wearing AND over your T-shirt. If you plan on getting fitted, don't wear a thick shirt like a sweatshirt or sweater.
  4. If you have large and/or sagging breasts, then when the person is taking your band measurement, you should pull up on your bra's shoulder straps so that she can get the measuring tape under your breast for an accurate measurement.
  5. If you wear a bra with padding or stuff your bra, then you are not going to get an accurate measurement. If you plan on getting fitted, wear a bra without padding.
  6. Not all fittings will tell you the "right" size, but will give you a good place to start at usually.
  7. Try on different styles of bras. Every style fits and feels different and can "shape" your breast differently.
  8. Don't rush trying on bras. Really pay attention to how they fit and feel. Go bra shopping when you know you have the TIME for it. Many women have had to take up to an hour or more trying on several different sizes and styles to find the bra that gave them the fit and feel they wanted.
  9. If your bra fits correctly, it should NOT be painful or uncomfortable to wear.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A diamond is forever

Ever dreamt of getting one? Do you own one? Or are you still waiting for the right one to give it to you?

They say a diamond is forever... well diamond is forever... but is love also forever once you receive that diamond?... good question :)

...I'll just keep on dreaming of getting one someday...