Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello :)

Hi guys!

Well... I'm back from Barcelona... and sad... I'm seriously thinking about moving there in like 2 years... I fell in love with it. I went there for 2nd time now so It wasn't really love at first sight, but nevertheless... I fell in love. Everything is so alive and vibrant and all... I really want to go back and stay there for good :)

I have to apologize but there will be no Barcelona pictures in this post because I'm still in search of my USB phone cable... yeah...

Right now I'm a bit sick and in bed so I have so much time to browse the internet and sleep when I want to :)) and I found this dress that intrigued me... what do you think?

photo via ASOS


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  4. Mmmmmmm....lovely and very elegant ! I like it !

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  5. love the dress!! and the detail is really special, the colour is fantastic too, so did you buy it ;)

    Check out our blog too if you have a minute, love P&C xxx

  6. I think I will buy it... thank you all for sharing your opinion with me :)

  7. Lušna je, ma ne vem, če te vidim v njej. Se mi zdi, da je bolj za pa ne ;) Pustimo se presenetit!

  8. I want to go to barcelona too Ö
    And that dress is wonderful Ö



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