Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hello all the lovely people reading this blog :)

I'm back with a bitter experience behind me.. I'm sooooo glad I'm back home surrounded with normal people!

In the previous post I told you I'm in Ljubljana, to teach the girls of Galerija Emporium how to work... well I guess I did and I hope they learned something.. why it was a bitter experience you might ask... well... its because of the people who work there... and I mean people who are supposed to be our rolemodels who are supposed to know "everything" who are supposed to take care that everything is how it's supposed to be..

I never met sooooo many people who act superior than everyone else around them and whatever you do it's just not good enough for them... that is such an ugly characteristic...

The only good thing there was that I saw the Alexander Mcqueen winter collection which is great... I love it... and they have this gorgeous shoes

And these are some pictures of the M Hotel I was staying in

Window view

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