Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yesterday I did my favourite activity.... shopping with mum... that means that after a looooong time she bought me something and I didn't spent a dime yaaaay :) Ok I did, but It was a small amount :) 
Since we were in Koper we had to go for tea, coffe and some cupcakes and where else could we go than to the new renovated Loggia!


and this is how the inside looks now...

I don't know if I like it… it's pretty cold,  lifeless…

The waitress was… there are no words that can actually describe her.. I had to say twice to her what I wanted and she still didn't understand... instead of tea she understood hot chocolate… how the h** is that possible?
she also forgot to took my mum's order so we had to call her back… It's was pretty funny though
When I actually got my order… I ordered fruit tea with lime and honey and a cupcake...  instead I got fruit tea without lime and honey and with a cupcake I didn't order but ok…

Another incident happened when we wanted to pay…
the waitor said that I have to wait because the girl went for a smoke… I was like.. are you serious??? I have to wait if I want to pay??

This didn't ruin my day since I had a laugh about it but next time they'll see me it will be because of the cupcakes only!

So to change the topic
this is what I (my mum) bought (me) yesterday:

a Zara winter jacket

and a necklace

that's all for today! have fun!

Love, Sanja


  1. Si podlegla trendu puhovk? :)
    Mene pa še kar ne prepričajo :P Drugače pa jaz bi tudi šopping :D

  2. Sem :))) enostavno zato, ker sem zmrzljiva :)


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