Sunday, November 28, 2010

Work and Shopping

Just a fast Hello to all of my readers!

I'm writing this short post because I have a ton of work to do + I have to attend classes on Monday and work on Tuesday... and yes today was/is a work day for me :)

I just wanted to share my working space with you :) If you ever wondered  how a translator's workspace looks like :) My due date is Tuesday 00:00pm and I have 144 pages left...

 Yes... my "office" is my bed! How cool is that :))


... and the Shopping part...

I bought just a few things I found interesting and some pants... I really needed pants :))

and some underwear... no, you're not going to see it :) it's kind of private :)


  1. ma ti uporabljaš dejavu?
    Aaa si bla v palmanovi brez mene :P

  2. ne, trados... :)

    Sem bla z mamico :))) se ne splača še... je dobro počakat popuste...

  3. Jaz sem bla tudi včeraj, kupila nič razen kozmetike :)... srajčko sm tudi jst videla v Guessu, ful poceni (9€)ampak ni moj stil :)

  4. cchaoticc: Lepo stoji ostaneš presenečen samo barve ti pa morajo bit všeč :)


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