Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas shopping

I went Christmas shopping and of course got some gifts for me too :)))

All of it :) 

Some Kiko products

Books... I love to read... I read everything and when I enter a bookstore its really really hard to get out without buying anything :)

Gift for my mum... I hope she likes it... 

It was raining... it still is... and well I need an umbrella.
I find it cute because of the little sunglasses print


  1. Oooo knjige <3! Super rada berem, sploh kaksne zivljenske/kinky zgodbe.. :D
    No pa fantazijske, kriminalke.. kar ces :)
    Deznik mi je pa noro vsec.

  2. Hvala :)

    Js rada berem vse... razen pocukranih romanov to mi je precej neprebavljivo :)


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