Saturday, December 18, 2010

I need them!

Ok, so I know they are not from the new collection or anything but after months of drooling over them I decided that I could actually afford them... and now... there is a problem... I can't find them anywhere!!! They're sold out... So if anyone knows where could I get them please please please tell me! I'm begging you!

Miu Miu peep toe bow pumps

Aren't they gorgeous? I want them! I need them!


  1. Oh my god they are so adorable! Hope you get them! xx

  2. krasni so! Meni so ful vsec tisti divji, z lastovkami...

  3. Tisti so tudi lepi, ampak so mi tej bolj nosljivi :) In še vedno jih ne najdem, damn!


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