Monday, December 27, 2010

What I got for Christmas

Hello all! 

First I wanna remind you that tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway.. you can do it here... 

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas day I know I did :) I ate a lot... really... a lot! 

And here are all the gifts I got



there was some chocolate too :)

 Boyfriend's mom


there was some money in it :P

I got a lot of chocolate this year... 
And the thing is that... I don't really like chocolate... and everyone knows it! ok.. I like the Kinder chocolate that my mom got me but the chocolate fondue... hmmm... not really for me... :)
I know.. I'm weird... but I just don't like it :)))


  1. Kjuut :)
    In itak vsi vemo, da si malo čudna, ker ne maraš čokolade ;))

  2. Mmmm, denarnica/torbica na prvi slikci je super kjut. :) Pa za L'Occitane kopletek sem ti fouš. ;)

    p.s.: jaz tudi ne maram čokolade, oz. zeloooo redko :D

  3. nuusheftw: v bistvu je na prvi sliki torbica in je precej velika lahko stlačim vanjo precej stvari :)))


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