Monday, January 3, 2011

Anastasia Beverly Hills all in one brow kit and D&G watch

New year new things :)

I wanted this Anastasia brow kit for a while but it was a bit too expensive. You can find it here i got the brunette kit.
I love the cruelty free product label on the side of the box.
7 elements brow kit includes: stencils, brow powder duo, precision tweezers, clear brow gel, matte highlighter, mini duo brush and an after tweeze cream.

And it all looks like this:

Instruction guide

I also got this cute watch


  1. Ooo tisti kit je super :) Jaz ga imam ogledanega že kar lep čas ampak so blaaaaazno dragi :/

  2. jap jap.. precej dragi... še dobro da tata časti :P haha

  3. Omg, ta brow kit je na moji WL že sto let, samo kaj ko ni denarja. Svaka čast očiju. :) xx


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