Thursday, January 6, 2011

How I spent my NY

We wanted to spend New Year's on snow so we started our search in October... almost everything was allready booked so a friend of mine came out with the idea to go to Koroška region... She found this great hotel and we booked it... of course we were 100% sure there will be snow up there since it's situated at the edge of the Karavanke mountain range... 
...well we were wrong...
But, we still had lots of fun and ate a lot  :) 

home made cookies...yummy

 red wine... of course :)

it was freezing outside :)

 Nex day... first day of the year... we went for a walk in the woods... so beautiful... so calm... so quiet...

we found some snow... don't ask what I was looking at... I don't really know :))

wishing you all lots of love :)

 This is Laika... she followed us almost everywhere we went... such a great and playful dog :)

...and the view...


  1. wow! so btfl and cool! =) u had a really great time!

  2. nice pics!

  3. WE INSPIRE US: We did!

    Alex: Thank you in my bf's name since he's the photographer in the family :))


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