Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pepita pattern

I was asked to write something about pepita pattern so here it is...
For anyone who doesn't know...
It is a fabric pattern with a characteristic small, two-colour check; in twill or linen weave, with 4:4 warping (this relation may differ). The most common combination of colours is white and black (or another deep colour). This pattern is used in woollen, cotton and silk fabrics. The origin of the term is most commonly ascribed to the Spanish dancer Pepita, who liked to wear this pattern; another theory claims it is derived from the Spanish "pepitas" - a fruit pip or the dark seed of the cotton plant (which is reflected in this pattern). 
This pattern is very wearable and easy to combine with everything! 


I love this Pennyblack wool sweater with pepita pattern.. It's very warm an comfortable!

 Who was Pepita?

Pepita had begun dancing when she was a child and displayed enough talent for her mother to take her to the premier dance impresario in Madrid. This audition resulted in Pepita being found lacking in the qualities that would have gotten her into the Madrid company. However, she soon discovered that in France and Germany her beauty and charm were considered ample compensation for whatever might be lacking in her dance technique and she developed a successful and very lucrative career performing as Pepita, the Star of Andalusia. 

 Cotton seed

I know I said I won't be posting until tomorrow... but hey... rules are made to be broken :P :)))


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