Saturday, February 19, 2011

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Remember the model for the Gucci flora add? Well she's Abbey Lee Kershaw and she's one of my favourite models...

Her career in the fashion industry began when she won the Girlfriend CoverGirl Model Search in Australia. And now she's ranked 5th on the Top 50 Models Women list by and 21st on the "Top Money Girls" list by

She is featured in the 2010 Pirelli Calendar photographed by Terry Richardson and the 2011 Pirelli Calendar photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.

She has 10 piercings in total including a pierced nose (her left nostril) and a pierced belly button. She also has various tattoos, including her first tattoo, a gemini symbol on her ankle, "truth" on her inside bottom lip, a heart in an enclosed sketch box behind her right ear, an owl on her right middle finger, the words "index" inscribed on her left index finger, a small Chinese symbol on the bottom of her right big toe, "courtney and timothy" in white ink on her left fore arm and various others on her hands and stomach. on the runway ...

Abbey Lee has appeared in editorials for V Magazine, W Magazine, Dazed and Confused, Allure, Harper's Bazar, i-D Magazine, The Last Magazine, Purple Magazine, Muse Magazine, The Gentlewoman Magazine, Vanity Fair, Numero and Chinese, American, French, Korean, Australian, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, German and Japanese Vogue. 

She also commented on bloggers: She reads blogs but she's not very interested in them. She thinks that the real journalists who write for real magazines are more credible and serious. Web is an interesting way for communication but there is too much pretending. She is seeing a lot of bloggers in the backstages of the runways and she thinks of them as young boys and girls who didn't make it in the real journalism atmosphere and are solving their frustrations and negativity on the blogs. 

My comment on this... I personally don't write a blog because I wanted to be a journalist and didn't make it because I know that journalism is just not for me. I write a blog just for pure fun of sharing some of my finds, loves, travels, interests... etc.  

One thing I really don't understand is... why are designers inviting all of the bloggers to their shows and giving them free stuff... I know that this is a cheap advertisement but still... why? Do they really need them? Are their sales really that bad that they need to give away all of those free stuff so that other people would buy it because they've seen it on bloggers? I wouldn't mind getting free stuff but I'm really interested why are they doing it... aren't celebrities an advertisement big enough for them? Since they're also getting a lot of free stuff just for promotion...

I would like to know your opinion and if there is a designer reading this... I would like to know his/her opinion too :)

Love, Sanja

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