Monday, February 28, 2011


Kitzbühel is a small medieval town in Tyrol, Austria. It's about 100 kilometres (62 mi) east of the state capital of Innsbruck and it's a ski resort of international renown. 

When I'm in Austria I almost always stop in Kitzbühel because is such a pretty little town with lots of designer shops :))

I didn't have a camera with me so I took the pictures with my cell...

at night...

Some shops are hidden "inside" the houses 

Something that many shops could learn... offer a champagne to a customer :)) this is actually a jewellery shop

A beautiful staircase

A Celine bag... what else should I say...

This skull was huge and it was in a display window of Philipp Plein shop


I wish I could buy at least 1 pair of those gorgeous shoes...

And last but not least... Lous Vuitton...

And this is how my holiday came to an end :)


  1. Austria is such an nice country! I went to Insbruck for one beautiful!
    the swarovski shops were my fav!!!
    very nice photos!!
    hope you go to many other places and show us through the blog!

  2. Good to know that.. I like to know what you find interesting to read so that I can include it into my blog :) I actually travel a lot so there will be more posts like this one :)

  3. cool!!i will be waiting for mmore then :DDD


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