Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hi my beautiful readers... I just finished my last translation and I'm heading straight to bed because I need some sleep! I'm leaving you for a while because I'm going back to Austria... yaaay another vacation but this time a bit longer.. I'll be back on 13.2. I think... so see you then, because I don't know If I will have internet access since my dad didn't took care of it just yet... :) 

I'm leaving you with pics of some of the last purchases I did


 MAC Opulash mascara is a must have! I discovered it this summer when I was in Cannes, France and I just can't live without it :) It was the first thing I bought last time I was in Innsbruck (we don't have Mac in Slovenia).

  Promod sale:

a D&G f/w 2010 inspired dress

 Gray cardigan an camel shorts

Simple gray shirt

And this is what is causing all the shadows on my clothes :) It's not new... it's 2 years old and it was love at first sight :)


See you soon!

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