Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Tina :)

Tina a friend of mine celebrated her Birthday on Saturday and here are the pictures...

First we went to Sveti Peter to a concert... It wasn't really the kind of music I like and the place was just tooooo small so most of the time we were... "listening" the music from the outside :)) talking and eating :) They prepared lots of goodies and we just couldn't stop eating them :)

The concert - Špicikuc orchestra

After the concert we went to her house for a late dinner. She always prepares delicious food!

Kremšnita made by Monika... Delicious!!!

Having some fun... We have an inside joke about a certain town in Slovenia but I won't get into details :)

So the Birthday Girl had to open 4 boxes and solve 4 different tasks/questions to get to the reward (the reward is this green paper with a very special autograph) 

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