Monday, March 28, 2011

My latest make-up buys

When I enter the beautiful world of make-up there's no way I'll exit with empty hands...
here's the stuff that came home to me

 Nail polishes

 The new Dior Addict lipstick
I chose n.578

Sensai Kanebo Eyelid base (6.5 ml)
It's great! Best one I've ever had! Worth every cent!

 OPI Cuticle oil

 Clarins Blush n.05 (rose wood)

Ahh... I know I'm a "cosmetopholic" :)


  1. Post pride kmalu... najprej moram Opija pokazat in njegove slabe lastnosti :))))

  2. How do you like the Dior Addict Lipstick? I'm just now starting to shop more nail polishes. I'll have to cehck out the few you listed!! :)

  3. Charee Lenee': The lipstick is great! It's soft, creamy, moisturizing, shiny and the colour is great!
    OPI needs lots of coats and I'm kind of addicted to Zoya nail polishes!

  4. Slikice sminkice, hvalaaaa :D. Paaaa... podlaga me zanima. RevieW?

  5. That OPI polish is the perfect shade of punchy pink! Love it!

  6. such a great collection of nail polishes!

    by the way, i am following you here--glad to have found your site by way of the FTF Community.

  7. Tamara: Bo :)) Lahko samo rečem, da je super!
    Kristin: I think that this colour is perfect for the summer :)
    Oh to Be a Muse: Thanks!

  8. the nail polishes are so cute!!spring colours!!!

    caramellitsa from


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