Friday, March 25, 2011


Last week me and few other students were invited to go to Venice for a course on Italian phonetics with our professor... I know people find it boring but it was really very interesting to me... and yes some thought that there is something wrong with me but I really did like it! Anyway the University Ca' Foscari is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen! It has a balcony right above the water and the view is just breathtaking! Let's move on to the pictures...

The view from the University

I would love to study in a clasroom like this one... it's gorgeous!

Love chains


 The best ice cream in Venice!

Lemon and crema come una volta

There was this girl dressed in a wedding dress but she was wearing pants and sneakers under it... it was so funny!

We went to Venice in train because it's a lot cheaper and faster.
If anyone is interested
The ticket for the train: Trieste - Venice: 15€
Venice - Trieste: 10,05€
I took us 2h and 30min to get there.


  1. Invidia ;) Drugače pa fuuul dobro in nekam ful mi je všeč ideja poročne obleke + superge ;)

  2. Samo je bla res smešna, tipo se slika in ji pod obleko štrlijo ven all-starke :)

    Nič invidia... en dan se zmenimo in gremo spet kaj :) v bistvu pride ful poceni in lep izletek :)

  3. super blog!kiss iz Srbije :)

  4. WOW I have been dreaming of going to Venice I have a friend who told me her great stories I am like wow!!! One day!!! hehehe


  5. Joka: Hvala!
    mistytewest: One day it will come true! :)

  6. Is that a crystal chandelier in a classroom? So not fair. My parents were in Venice this summer but I have yet to visit Italy. It looks so beautiful here!

  7. It's actually a murano glass chandelier. They have them in classrooms and on the hallways and they're huge! Venice is very pretty I'm actually lucky that I live near so I can go there anytime I want to.

  8. YOur photos are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing them with us! I would think you were crazy if you DIDN'T go!! I would have jumped on that opportunity - just like you. The gelato photo made my mouth water - YUM!!

  9. Wow thank you Yvonne! I have to say that that gelato was one of the best I ever had!


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