Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 2: Asti and Alba

Day 2

After breakfast we went straight to Canelli to the Gancia wine cellar... yes... you read it right... after breakfast! At 10.00 am (I think it was something like that)! 
Gancia presents itself today as a Leader on the Italian market for the production of sparkling wine.

Let's just move to the pictures (Some were taken by me and some by Helena)

Big wall of bottles :)

Helena posing with the sparkling wine :)

Very old books

These bottles look so tempting

And then there was some sparkling wine tasting....
honestly... I hated it (I tried lots of sparkling wines and this one was in the category of the worst ones)

We were the soul of the trip :P We just couldn't stop laughing!


 We actually got stuck inside this "castle" and it was so funny! Luckily there was a button on the wall to open the door and we were saved! :))))

 The Cathedral

Don't ask...

Cathedral's inside...amazing right?


at the end of the day on the bus... (pictures taken by Lorena)

Professor n.1

Professor n.2

...and that was the end of another amazing day... (what happened at night will be our little secret :P)


  1. great images, never seen so much wine in one place!


  2. Thanks! I think that every wine cellar has hundreds of bottles... This wasn't really that big :) but still... Lots of bottles:)))))


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