Saturday, April 2, 2011

Driving around

Last weekend we had nothing better to do so we decided to go on a litle trip. We started in Izola (I had some arrands to do there) and we ended up in Idrija a very small town.

Here is the map just so you can have an idea or two where have we been.

I marked with red places we've seen :)

And this is what we saw :)


Home made honey - self service :)



Bonus picture
I was playing with the camera and this is what came out. We were driving through the tunnel :)

It was a fun day and I love this kind of trips ... going and not knowing exactly where :)))

To know more about Štanjel and Idrija. Just click on the names :)

Love, Sanja


  1. that sounds like fun, i wish i could take a random road trip too!

  2. It is! You can just get in the car and go :)

  3. WOW! How pretty! I'm always amazed at self-serve stands. So trusting.


  4. I was too :) But it's nice to see that there are still people who trust.

  5. oh my goodness!!! these photographs are absolutely stunning sanja!! you look so pretty, i love the little blazer you are wearing.

    i also wanted to say thank you for the amazing comment you left me on my blog. you expressed yourself wonderfully in english so don't be worried at all!! lovely that we connected! are you on twitter?

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    Twitter: @kristyelena

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  6. Kristy Elena: Most of the pictures were taken by my bf so I'm thankig you in his and my name :)

    And yes I'm also on twitter and I'm following you allready for few months now as @SanjaSCM

  7. Štanjel <3 si me prav spomnila na otroštvoat tam, smo bili s starši parkr!Bo treba v kratkem spet na izlet :)

    p.s. tisti osel je še vedno tam parkiran?

  8. .sparkle* veš, da nisem vidla nobenega osla..

  9. eh škoda!no, po drugi strani bi bil pa to verjetno že precej star osel :)


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