Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FTF Community Blog Event 4/6: We're one

This month’s theme is United Nations and it was submitted by Sweet of Pens and Lens . 
 I decided to show you the town where I was born and raised and how it looks like when 2 different countries became one in real life.


All of my childhood memories are from Portorož where I grew up and where my style comes from.. It is a small touristic town on the Slovenian coast with lots of hotels and restaurants on the beach. It's the only town with a long sandy beach. When I was little I loved to go on long walks with my mum and look at tourists (ladies of course) how were they dressed and comment... I loved to do that and I think that I had  lots of influence on my own style. Another person who influences my style is my grandmother. She's always dressed up well and looks just beautiful.
Right now I live in Dekani that is 25 km from Portorož. And since it's a village I get lots of weird looks and comments on how I dress, but that is who I am and I can't and won't change!

 United Nations

On this picture you can see the town of Koper in the back

...and here you can se the towns of Muggia and Trieste, Italy. And yes  this pictures are all taken in the same place.

This picture represents the union of two countries! You can se Koper on left and Trieste on the right side of the picture. I'm in the middle... kind of like a border. I actually represent what is keeping appart the two towns... and it's us... people.

 Olive tree

 Olive trees, olives, olive oil... all very tipical things for our coast.

The earrings I'm wearing are made out  of olive tree wood and were made for me by my uncle! I love them!

The Sea

The sea is the one thing I can't live without, allthough during the summer I don't go on a beach a lot.

Today's outfit:
 Promod pants
My brother's white shirt
NafNaf t-shirt
Bata shoes
H&M hat

All of the pictures except the first one used as a background were taken by me or Andrej.

P.S. Tomorrow I'm leaving for Turin and Genova Italy so there will be no posts untill Monday 11 April


  1. This makes me miss Italy! What a beautiful place you live!

  2. Thanks Courtney! It's small but pretty :)

  3. Hi sweetheart, thank you for sharing! It is so beautiful where you live. I haven`t been to Italy for a few years but would love to back :)

    x Anika

  4. all the bloggers from european countries have taken wonderful scenic photos for this FTF post. i love your images here!

  5. WOW, do you look amazing in those photos and what a backdrop!

  6. So beautiful. Your'e so lucky to live in such a picturesque locale. :)

  7. Beautiful pictures. Your hometown looks amazingly gorgeous! I am loving your floppy hat as well.

    I am new to your blog as well thanks to the FTF community! Your welcome to check mine out as well. :)

    - Heidi

  8. Your pictures are so enchanting! I love that spot where the two countries meet, it symbolizes so much. In the States it can be easy to feel like you're worlds away from other countries because we focus so much on the different places here.

    And you're beautiful, I absolutely love your style! This was such a great post. (:

  9. This is so beautiful! I am Serbian by heritage, and a lot of your photos remind me of the places I have visited along the Adriatic. All of the countries that used to be a part of the former Yugoslavia are just breathtaking in their beauty, especially along the coastal areas.

    It's so interesting that you live in such a border area. I imagine there is much cultural crossover as a result. Amazing, and you are beautiful as well!

  10. Hi, first time here and discovered your blog via the blogevent by ftf. What is so great about the theme is learning about the places behind the bloggers and where you are form I never heard of that city, but it is stunning. Thanks for sharing this with us. xo

  11. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Italy is gorgeous. Sometimes it's hard to dress how you really want to, other people don't always understand your style, but I congratulate you for being so firm in your beliefs!
    xo Car

  12. I really want to live here...the beach...the sun...the scenery it's really perfect...reminds me of my hometown in the Philippines but wow!!!! and yes...I would love to strut your outfit this time of the year...I love it...

    thank you for sharing your life with us babe...


  13. uf super fotke in krasen outfit!!

  14. Thank you all for lovely comments!

    Anika, Allergic to vanilla: I live in Slovenia (It's a country) in a town very close to Italian border I don't live in Italy.

    Beautifully invisible: I think that the Adriatic coast is very beautiful as well. And yes it's true there is a lot of cultural crossover here... In our dialect there are a lot of Italian words and we mix slovene and italian language a lot.

    Sweet: That is actually very funny (not in a bad way!)... because I don't think there is much similarity with the Philippines, because Philippines are gorgeous!!

    Mancina: hvala!!

  15. Rebecca Luc: Thanks I loved it the moment I saw it :)


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