Thursday, April 28, 2011

Il museo del cinema - Cinema museum Torino

Hi all!

Il museo del cinema Torino - this is one of the best museums I've ever been to! It was great and If you're ever in Turin I really reccomend it! 

Let's move on to the pictures

Mole Antonelliana where the museum is situated

 Goofing around

(from left to right - Tina, Helena, Me)


 It wouldn't be a cinema museum without a camera wouldn't it?!

 Marilyn Monroe picture


 Pictures of famous actors

 Masks from Star trek? Sorry I'm not a Star wars / trek movie fan...


 Jurassic Park


 Huge fridge door with stuff :)

 The elevator that takes you up to see the view. We didn't go because the row was just toooooo long :) and I'm scared of heights so I would probably have a heartattack up there :)


 Pretty confortable :)

We spend almost the whole afternoon inside the museum! And we didn't regret a second!

Love, Sanja


  1. Beautiful photos! I love visiting museums :)

  2. OMG, that place looks so interesting, you are so lucky to have visited it!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  3. Sanja,

    Was googling slovenian bloggers and came across your site. Any other reco's on where I can find others?

    Fun blog!

  4. Thanks to all!

    Hvala vsem! :)

  5. Gorgeous photos. That ceiling is amazing, yes I understand it does look pretty high! -xo

  6. Hi,
    nice photos.
    I am following you now.

    Subodh S Deshpande

  7. It's very high! It was an amazing experience...

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