Monday, May 16, 2011

Blaž Čuk fashion show F/W 2012

Hi guys! 
This is a new blog post and I hope everyone can see the pictures correctly if not please contact me to check out what's wrong. 
First off all I want to say that I'm very sorry for the lack of posts lately but I've been very very busy with work and uni. 
This thursday Helena Invited me and Lorena to attend Blaž Čuk's Fashion Show in Hotel Metropol, Portorož. It was actually open to everyone! Great huh? 

All of the pictures were taken with Canon Eos 40d. I was asked what camera I/we use so here is the answer :) 

Enjoy the pics! 


Checking out backstage pics

Lorena, me and Helena

Opening of the show - Sanja Grohar 

Close up

A big mistake that a model shouldn't make... She was pulling down the dress all the time.. not good..

The "dress" with the WOW factor

Maestro - dance group

Blaž Čuk - designer!

What do you think about the show? 
What piece of clothing did you or didn't you like? 

All comments are welcome!

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  1. What a fun and dramatic take on bondage inspired clothes! I think my favorite item was the big wide belt on the male model. That would be one of those pieces that could make anything look great!

    The House in the Clouds


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