Friday, May 27, 2011

Flash slovene blogger party

Hi guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts but I was on "vacation" until wednesday 25. May. I arrived in the morning and the first thing I did I went to the Pennyblack store to pick up my new jumpsuit that I wore the same night on the first slovene blogger event organized by Flash magazine!

 All of the girls and some boys :) were just so sweet and nice and even though I had to leave early (I had a long drive home) I'm happy that I meet so many nice people :) 

Looking back at the pictures I discovered that I didn't have any pictures of me :// so I'm kind of searching my pictures around other peoples blogs :))) 

Let's move on to the pictures (taken by me)

 Label says: Water is fashion :)

Pictures taken by Helena

 me :)

me again :)

Pictures taken by Fensišmensi

Pictures taken by Oblačilnica

A big thank you to all!!


  1. looks like you have so much fun.

  2. Rave: Short but fun :)

    Duckalicious: Hej hej :))

  3. In še vedno nobene cele slikce :/

    Ma dobro, no..všeč mi je, da si dala rožo na jakno! Ma kaj prav vidim, da si mela še nek pasek??

  4. Sunny: nisem, ker je nimam :) In ja sem imela tanek pas tako, da je malo poživel pajac :)

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