Monday, May 16, 2011

What I wore to Blaž Čuk's fashion show

Hi guys!
Here are the pictures of what I wore to the fashion show.
At the end of the day I found out that my bf »forgot«?? to take my pictures so I appologize for the bad quality.

At the hotel

On the pier... we actually wanted to get some ice cream but since it was past 10pm and all the bars closed we decided to go to the beach and on the pier :)

My favourite shoes! The heel is about 15cm high but these are the most confortable shoes I own! I can wear them all day without any pain at all!

I was wearing:

Miss sixty Clutch
Bata Belt
Buffalo London heels
Max Mara Shirt
United Colors of Benetton Pants
Moschino cheap and chic Blazer


  1. Jaz ne verjamem, da lahko hodis cel dan s tistimi stikli. :P Po mojem lazes, al pa te vzamem s seboj v shoe shopping! :PPP

  2. wow! i fall in love with your clutch... lovely you look so chic!

  3. Tamara: skrivnost je v kvaliteti čevlja :)Če si opazla so čevlji iste znamke kot škornji, ki sem jih tudi skos nosla, pa je peta precej visoka in mi nisi vrjela, da sem lahko cel dan v njih :)) To so edini čevlji, ki ne pomislim 2x, če jih obut ali ne, da me ne bojo noge bolele. Drugače pa... I love shoe shopping, tako da to sploh ni problem :)))

    Mademoiselle Trendy: Thank you! I love it too :)

  4. Cute outfit! Really interesting shoes with the cutouts. Thanks for finding me.. don't you love Kristy for starting FTF.. I've found so many great bloggers that way :)

    xx Kara

  5. You look fabulous! Love that gorgeous clutch!

  6. Ju3!! Ju3 gremo v outlet ne? Pa gremo se po ene cevlje.. ;D

  7. Thank you for dropping by at my blog Sanja and for saying hi :)
    Love the heels and I'm glad they're comfortable for you.
    Wow the picture on the pier at night is beautiful! I've wanted to visit Slovenia as I heard it's such a beautiful country.

  8. Kara: I think that Kristy's idea is brilliant!
    Kristin: Thank you! so sweet! :)
    Tamara: Upam :)
    Karen Law: I'm actually following you for some time now :)) Come to Slovenia it's pretty and you can see sooo many things in such a small country as ours :)))

  9. A great look! I love the shoes and the clutch is devine! I found you on and so happy I did, I've just had a good read of your blog and I'm so happy to be your latest follower! Would love for you to pop over and visit me sometime!

  10. Thank you Sada! I hope you liked what you read :)))


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