Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Birthday gift - Christian Louboutin!!!!!

Hello to all of my beautiful readers!

Yesterday was my birthday... I'm not going to tell you how old I am now because... well, I'm old :)))
But I really have to  tell you about my birthday gift. First of all... DREAMS DO COME TRUE!! and when you wish for something soooooo long it will happen sooner or later... 

It was sunday a day before my birthday I went on a short trip to Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy... and since we were there we went to a shop called Sbaiz. And yes... I bought a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes!!!!!!
As I tried them on I was literally shaking... I'm not kidding... I was shaking all over :)) I just couldn't believe it, and I still can't, that these beauties are all mine now!

I know.... enough talking... let's just move on to the pictures shot yesterday at the Alaya bar in Portorož.

The bracelet was a b-day gift from my mum :)

And don't forget to click! Thank you!!


  1. Waa, ziher so ful udobni ;D Lepi pa so!

    Mir in ljubezen!

  2. Fabulous! They are soooo stunning. -xo

  3. Vse najboljše! Pa noro darilo! :D

  4. Beba: v bistvu so ja za tko visoke čevlje, kar sem bla precej začudena :)
    Tamara, Helena: Hvala :))
    Fashion Tales Thank you!
    Biba: Hvala!!

  5. Ohhhh fauš!!! :) Ma vse besede so odveč, popolni so <3 Pa vse najboljše!

  6. omg!!!!!
    1st of all happy b-day sweetie!!! my best wishes i wish you all the best love and happiness!!

    these shoes are AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE THEM!!!you are so lucky!!!

  7. Happy Birthday and congrats! Those are some hot hot shoes!!


  8. Gorgeous!! I love your shoes!! are amazing! :)

  9. No končno se ti je izpolnila želja :) Zdj pa jih čuvaj in pazi... ne takoj stopit v lužo al neko smet ;)

  10. With love, Ana: Hvala!!! Pa ne bit fovš :)
    caramellitsa: Thank you!!! Yes I really am lucky :))
    Baby Budget Blog: Thank you so much!

    Gaby de Modacapital: I agree :)) Thanks!
    Sunny: Končno... skoraj sem se zjokala od sreče. Čuvam jih tko, da imam za hodit po grdem vedno s sabo japonke, tam kjer je rdeč tepih pa si jih obujem, da ne bi slučajno prišu kak kamenček zraven hehehe :)))

  11. wow! i love them! xoxo

  12. These shoes are awesome! Look soo good on u. cool blog!
    maybe you have a minute to check out my blog :)


  13. Z zamudo: vse najboljše :) Ne bi si mogla zamislit boljšega darila, popolni so <3

  14. Ana: Hvala!
    sandryca: ja, se strinjam :))
    Porcelaine: thanks :)

  15. Uau, ta model je res čudovit! :) Lepo jih nosi! :)

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