Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FTF Blog event 8/17 Inspirations

This time the theme for the Full time fabulous blog event by Kristy Elena is inspiration... I have a lot of inspirations in my life and every single one of them makes me what I am... My biggest inspiration is LOVE for:

1. My friends

They're always there when I need them... I love you! (All my girls, even the ones that are not on the picture!)

2. My family 

My brother makes me soo mad at times but I have only one brother so... :) My mom is also a very important person in my life, but I'm not putting her pictures on :)
On the pic: my brother with my cousin.

My dog... cute and funny :) Always makes me laugh...

3. The sea

I just can't live without it... it's like the air that I breathe :)

On pic: Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy

4. Skiing 

I've been skiing since I was a little girl and I just love the adrenalin and the speed :)

On pic: Austria, Innsbruck

5. Travelling

It opens the whole new world to me, seeing new places, cultures inspires my life... Egypt is one country that I can't forget... I fell in love with everything there!

Škocjanske jame / cave


6. Butterflies

I love blue butterflies... they're so pretty and very hard to capture on photo. This one was actually collaborating so there were some pretty pictures made to it.. :)

What is/are your inspiration/s?


  1. These photos are gorgeous. I love the inspirations you chose. Wonderful, and so sweet.

  2. your ftf post is so sweet!!!!!loved it it is so interesting to see everyones' inspirations!!

    kisses <3

  3. Great photos to go with your inspiration. Travel is a great inspiration that I forgot to mention!

  4. Lovely pictures and inspiration! Egypt looks absolutely magical and the shot of the butterfly is perfection!

  5. Oh I love your very personal inspirations. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  6. I love how so many different things (and people) give you inspiration! Egypt would be an incredible place to visit!

  7. these are all wonderful inspirations and i agree with so many of them. they inspire me as well. lovely photos too! thanks for participating and i apologize for the belated comment, just been a bit busy since getting back from mexico. =) best, kristy

  8. Thank you all for lovely comments!

  9. Matr, si ti fotogenična!! Al pa maš tko dober fotoaparat, haha.. en dan moraš mene peljat na fotošuting ;)


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