Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fashion Week Slovenia

Hi all!

As promised here is a short report from the first Slovene Fashion "Week". I only went there on the 25.10. even though I had the tickets for both days. But anyways... It was the first fashion week so there were some mistakes of course, but in the end It was all ok.. I would be happier if the shows were a bit longer and the place was a bit bigger, but let's hope that it's all going to be much better next year.

and the pictures...

This dress actually shocked me...

 Lanvin for H&M - no words needed..


  1. Great show!! I can't balieve that dress! It's the exact copy of the H&M one!

  2. great collection!

  3. Lovely pieces! A very inspirational blog! I am following you! Follow me back if you also like my blog!

  4. Nice pieces in the collection.


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