Monday, February 6, 2012

Us... the bloggers


Is it just me or do you also think that it's very very rude not to write a review when you are asked for one and receive free stuff?

I dislike a lot the fact that there are many bloggers who litteraly whine about why nobody sents them nothing to review, but then when they receive an offer or even when they agree and receive free products.... they just don't do it or they don't even answer anymore.

It happened to a friend of mine... contacted a blogger... "oh I would love to write a review for your store"... they agreed upon all, there was a giveaway for her readers too, he even considered her wishes.. and then... nothing... the products were sent and after months still nothing... zero... not a single answer, review, post, video... And he even asked for an honest review.
Don't you think it's rude? I do. But I won't name her because that would just bring more traffic to her blog...

Stores have to pay for the product they sent you to review it's not free! So if you agree to do a review just do it or just say NO before you receive free products.

Have a nice day!


  1. it sucks to agree to do it and then just take the freebies and act like nothing happened. there's nothing wrong with declining an offer that doesn't appeal to you though. moreover, agreeing to do it just because of a free item (that you might not even like much) seems pretty lame.

  2. kr neki no... marsidko bi bil zelo vesel nardit review. sam ja ne... se dogaja žal... verjetno bolj pogosto kot mislimo :/

  3. V bistvu ja. Ampak recimo pri bolj slavnih bloggerjih/youtuberjih pa ni vec tega. Oni dobivajo zastonj reci in podjetja UPAJO, da bodo pisali o njih. Niti ne reviewe, ampak da jih bodo vsaj omenili, ker so tako zelo znani.

    Eno je ce se zmenis in ne naredis. :)

  4. Tamara - mislim predvsem na bloggerje, ki se zmenijo in potem ne nardijo. Nič proti znanim bloggerjem, ker jim pač to ne rabi, ampak če se že zmeniš pa si znan ali ne, da boš nekaj naredil, potem to naredi, ne pa potem, ko dobiš robe za 100€ zgineš in niti ne odogvarjaš na maile ne nič... to se mi zdi precej grdo in nesramno.. btw tukaj se ne gre za nobeno znano blogerko :)

  5. wow that really happened? so rude for sure and dishonest..
    i have written reviews ,hosting giveaways etc i d never do such a thing i find it fact i am waiting for a new cream to write a review and i have a giveaway running too..

    thank you for sharing this news with us it is good to know and of course it is better to say no if you are not going to do as you were told to..

    kisses <3



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