Saturday, April 7, 2012

Philips Fashion Week Day 2

Second day of fashion week was pretty interesting... since there were not enough parking lots we kinda arrived a bit late and didn't attend the first part of fashion shows at 18:30, but fortunately we did attend the second part of the fashion shows and it was beyond my expectations! I was wowed by Maja Ferme's collection to the point that my next piece of clothing has to be one of her designs... or at least someday...

Next year trends are long dresses, fur, leather and silk... and what I liked a lot were colours!! Lots of colours!


Lots of different materials mixed together. Perfection..

Firma by Sanja

Colours and hats. Every outfit was unique and interesting.

Nicola de Main - London

Peach is the new black... me like it :) and masks...

Aleksandra Brlan

All star sneakers are still in... I'm not a fan, but I don't mind seeing them around :)

Maja Ferme

Pure perfection... I want the entire collection! I was wowing every single piece.

Which one is your favourite?


  1. Vsak je zanimiv po svoje in hvala bogu, da je tudi v Sloveniji moda postala malce pomembnejsi del vsakdana ;)

    Pozdravcki iz Nemcije,

  2. Definitivno boljše kot lani...a še vseeno mi je nekaj manjkalo...neka pika na i,morda več modnih dodatkov ali pa barvnih vzorcev ,ki so letos tako "in"! lep blogec maš ;)



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