Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Philips Fashion Week Day 3

 Day 3

1. part - 18.30

Tanja Zorn
Elegant, classic. There were some origami techniques used on clothes and it was pretty interesting.
In this show the models had some issues with shoes... they were taking them off... I guess they were short on shoes :)

Draž pletenine
This is how everyone should use wool!

Soft and romantic collection with lots of pastels... what's there not to love?

Almira Sadar
Black and blue again... no shape, not feminine... some clothes look like they're made for a grandma'... sorry :/

Niti Niti
As I wrote on my twitter during the fashion show... name says it all...

I will not waste space on my blog for such a "stupid" move to insert a store into a fashion show...

2. part - 21.00

Dark...leather... and interesting necklaces with small pictures!

Torbice Grošelj
Bags are going to get bigger and bigger!

Black is the new black :)

Nina Šušnjara
Balmain and Versace... can you see it? :)When people say this one was the best I just can't agree I'm sorry, but a designer copying or using other designer ideas to make his/her collection stunning, just can't be my favourite... it wasn't your idea! we've seen it before!

Nataša Hrupič
No idea why but when I saw the first - the orange/black dress my mind was... "I would never ever ever wear this dress!" Still can't figure out why because it's not bad at all seeing it on a picture...

Leather heaven! I'm not a fan of leather but this collection makes me wanna buy every single piece!

Nataša Peršuh
Not much to say...

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  1. I love Farandula designs....and the last one is super COOL

    Thanks fot share my dear.

    You can check my NELLY shoes in:


    XOXO from MUNICH

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