Saturday, April 28, 2012

Right now...

There has been so much going on in my life right now that I have no time for blogging at all... I'm so sorry for that...
I never update you about my life because seriously... who want's to even listen to others whining on how bad it is right now or bragging what a great life they have?... nobody, exactly...

But to make an exception I'm going to tell you what am I up to for being so absent from my blog (read it because this is probably the last time I'm writing about very personal stuff :P)
I'm trying to study - exactly... trying! I'm booking and planing vacations (Florence in May, Portugal in summer) that's actually the best part :) I'm seeing my friends more often which is great :)
Working... and searching for a job because being broke all the time is not fun anymore!!

I know you noticed advertising on my blog for the store well it's actually a store my brother and I opened in October last year. I didn't want to talk about it to avoid trouble (legal trouble) but now that I know my rights I can say it without any worries... YAY we opened an online store!! It takes so much of my time, we have a lot of problems with the sites functionalities therefore we're going to renew it from scratch... starting... now!

I know that all of this hard work will be worth it one day because I believe in what I do and I'm doing it because I love it and nothing will stop me!

For anyone wanting to open an online store... I have only one advice! Never, ever.. and I mean it... NEVER trust someone that says "oh I know what I'm doing I have lot's of experiences even though I'm still a student" and than needs two months (yes, two) to make you an online store that is pure crap and you pay him more the store is even worth! I would do it better myself if I had more time! Therfore always opt for professional companies that know what they're doing even if it means paying more... at least you will know what you paid for and can sue them properly if anything goes wrong...

If you need some more information about that I will be happy to help you in any way that I can and know :)



  1. O, čestitam za spletno trgovino! Super, kar nekaj znamk in izdelkov, ki si jih že dolgo želim preizkusiti...

    1. Hvala!! :) Ker je pa trgovina tako slabo narejena, jo bomo naredili na novo, tako da bo še več izdelkov po še bolj ugodnih cenah :) To je v bistvu naš namen...pripeljati izdelke, ki jih pri nas še ni oz jih je teško dobiti :) Odprti smo tudi za vsako novo idejo (predvsem glede znamk in izdelkov) tako da... kr na plano z njimi :)

    2. O, super! Potem pa komaj čakam na novosti :) Moji predlogi so vsekakor Stila in Tarte <3

  2. What a lovely blog! good luck for the studying... I remember those days but it is worth the trouble in the end :)


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