Friday, April 6, 2012

Philips Fashion Week Day 1

 Warning: LONG POST

I haven't been posting daily because I had no normal acess to pc... but here it is... our second fashion week!
I have to say that this year was much better than last year. The lights were good, the ambient was great and the catwalk was longer. Even if some important visitors had to stand and there weren't a lot of well dressed fashionistas... or at least I haven't seen them... It was great. The only thing I didn't understand was the Maxi fashion show?? Maxi is a store with multiple brands in Ljubljana and not a brand - for those of you who don't know, but hey this is Slovenia and only here this kind of stuff can happen.

I applaude to all the young talents for their talent, ideas and courage. Some of them gave me some funny diy ideas even though I would/will never wear some of the creations.

Note: No offence... these are my ideas on the collections! I'm sorry if we don't share the same opinion, but I like to say what I think :)

Peter Movrin

Diy ideas:
1. Take old Adidas slippers glue them to a big chunk of black soles and voila... new shoes!
2. Take a big backpack and put it on... new shirt!

 This was a bold collection... not my kind of thing and by the look on the faces around me... not anyone's kind of thing.

Petja Zorec

Diy ideas:
1. Take a sleeping bag and throw it on you... you have a one of a kind dress and you can sleep wherever life takes you!

I think designer hot her ideas in a bedroom and on camping...

Dajana Ljubičič

I can see fishnets and fishes... don't get me wrong... I liked this collection, It wasn't my favourite, but I liked it.

Shoes... Prada style

Anđela Lukanovič

Colours and print...

Ana Jelinič

Simple and wearable collection, but nothing new..

Nena Florjančič

Lovely :)

Sanija Reja Aske

Bows on heads, gray colour, white make up...

Katja Magister

Black with blue and green..

I guess I was wearing blue and black combination one year too soon...

Alice Bossman

My absolute favourite! Young, fresh, serious, classy, elegant and beautiful.

Arijana Gadžijev

This was such a romantic collection, but it reminded me too much of Alexander McQueen prints... and the dresses were almost all the same only the colour was different.

Ivan Rocco

Fun and young.

That's all for now... stay tuned for more in the next days...

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