Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lisbon Day 1 & 2

I finally managed to sort out the pictures from my trip to Portugal.. 
So let's start with Lisbon. We stayed at the Hotel Corinthia that was an excellent choice so if you find yourself in Lisbon i suggest you to stay there :) 
Since we didn't have much time we decided to take the 48h bus tour around Lisbon. It's practicly a hop-on/off bus and you see the entire city in 48h or less. It was quite exhausting, but worth it. And it's really cheap. It cost us only 25 Euro per person and it included 3 different bus tours and a tram tour. Lisbon is beautiful so I went a bit heavy on the pictures... and now just relax and enjoy :)

shopping center

Inside shopping center

Benfica stadium

Night view from our room

Inside tram

 be continued...


  1. These pics look amazing! have fun darling ;)


  2. beautiful photos!! i am going to portugal & spain next and i am so excited!
    you must had a blast dear!
    i havent checked your blog for soo long :(

    kisses <3

    1. I did! If you need some info on what is worth to visit just ask :)

      Have fun!


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