Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vacation closet...

I never showed you what I took with me on my trip...

well here are only few pics of what was hanged in my hotel closets :)

some beauty accessories... of course... i found this basket in the bathroom and it had those complementary shampoos and shower gels inside... 

I took way too many shoes with me... (no, I didn't :P)
I guess I'm super protective of my shoes, I even put a bag under them and I still have no Idea why...

Just some dresses... (Can you se the dress that is turned from inside out? Well, I always keep my clothes turned from inside out, I have no idea why, but I always do that... not so much with the hanged pieces but all my t-shirts and folded clothes are usually like that..)

...and my summer bag :) such a beauty (to me) I even got a little mirror with it


  1. the bag is soo cute!!
    i like that you take good care of your things it is nice :) i am very careful with my stuff too
    very nice pictures!!

    kisses dear!

  2. Great details! Thanks or inspiration:)


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