Sunday, October 14, 2012

Only for men

Every woman loves her man to dress up.. trust me.. I'm happy to se more and more male fellow bloggers with edgy and different style than the one you are used to see on the streets. But trust me you don't need a lot just a few essential pieces and you're ready..

What every man needs in his closet let's start with the basics:

1. Nice leather belt
2. Black socks - No whites please!
3. A nice pair of pants
4. Shirt, Polo shirt
5. Sweater
6. Blazer, Coat

7. Suit
8. Some accessories
9. A bag - why not? this way you'll avoid stuffing your pockets and ruining them..
10. Shoes - you need shoes too... and there is so many to choose from on the market... all you have to do is go shopping from now and then.

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