Friday, October 12, 2012

What you need in your winter shoe closet...

Did you ever wonder what shoes to wear in winter? When there's only snow outside... or when there is no snow but it's freezing cold and you really really want to put on your favourite high heels? Well I did..
Therefore I made a list on what kind of shoes a girl needs in her winter shoe closet.

1. Boots!

They go well with everything.. skirts, pants, leggings...

Therefore you need... winter boots (warm ones), biker boots (only if you like them and they fit your style), classic boots (with a bit of heel they're perfect), over the knee boots (my favorites - they keep you warm and you can wear them with everything) and definitely ankle boots.

2. High heels

No matter how cold it is a woman ALWAYS needs a pair of heels! (but please put a sock on your feet before you leave the house or else you'll freeze... and do not wear them on snow, because you're going to fall...sooner or later you will, trust me)

3. Sneakers

We'll why not.. if' you work out you'll definitely need them and if you don't then start now :P (I will too I promise)

4. Flats

Last but not least... flats... you'll alway need them... maybe even only to put them inside your purse when you go out to party at night :) 

If you have any to add write them in a comment :)


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